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Obstetra - The Evolution ParadoxObstetra - The Evolution Paradox

Band: Obstetra
Album: The Evolution Paradox
Year: 2022
Country: Spain
Format: CD
Genre: Death Grind
Label: Base Record Production


1. Cathartic Catastrophe (Intro) 01:23
2. Man-Made Hell 01:51
3. Stabwound in Your Back 01:46
4. Wrong Choice 01:05
5. The Tree of Science 02:03
6. A Greater Being 02:11
7. Devil Is Calling 01:13
8. The Evolution Paradox 03:00
9. Mysticism 00:52
10. Bloodstained Land 02:03
11. A Dead Among the Living 01:37
12. Minute to Midnight 01:58
13. In-Famous 01:29
14. Give Us Money or Pray for Death 01:14
15. Like a Black Hole 02:46
16. Damage and Liberation 01:41
17. Manifest of Hate 02:27
18. I Love Ur Voice 01:11
19. An(al)imal Tendencies 01:16
20. We Are the Virus 01:34

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