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Pothead - Skunk Fiction: The Tales From ZizkovPothead - Skunk Fiction: The Tales From Zizkov

Band: Pothead
Album: Skunk Fiction: The Tales From Zizkov
Year: 2020
Country: Czechia
Format: CD
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Rotten Roll Rex


1 Back In Tha Town 01:07
2 She's Blowing Weedbranch Like A Horney Teanage Slut 02:37
3 See Weed In Your Eyes 01:51
4 I Tryed To Pay For McDonalds With Bag Of Weed 02:04
5 Frogheads Mushroom Misery 03:09
6 I Traded A $160k Stolen Diamond For $20 Wroth Of Weed 02:21
7 Men In Green 01:22
8 Rafael Caro Quintero 01:07
9 Zizkov Killa 03:43
10 Faster Than The Kick In After The First Blunt Bluff 00:39
11 Love Song 02:54
12 Ganjakuza Jointatoo 01:48
13 Land Of Death 03:21

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