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Fear Of The Storm - Madness Splinters (1991-1996)Fear Of The Storm - Madness Splinters (1991-1996)

Band: Fear Of The Storm
Album: Madness Splinters (1991-1996)
Year: 2016
Country: Italy
Format: 3CD, digi-pack
Genre: Gothic Wave
Label: My Kingdom Music


CD 1
1 Into The Storm
2 Eyes Of Death
3 Hatred
4 R.I.P. (abridged)
5 Images (Into The Helter Skelter)
6 Walking Through The Time
7 The Little Girl
8 Dreams Are Trasforming
9 Blood
10 Tears Of Sand
11 The Key
12 Around The Fire
13 Jungle And Desert
14 Towers Of Silence
15 Epitaph
16 Fear

CD 2
1 Madness Splinters
2 Adrift In Limbo
3 Sunset
4 Ghosttown
5 Sadness
6 The Dark River Of Oblivion
7 Drop After Drop
8 Eyes
9 Weightless
10 The Return
11 Tears Of Sand
12 Marble Dust
13 Adrift In Limbo
14 Timeless Wailing Of Ageless Souls

CD 3
1 Bleeding Fingers
2 Dancing Amid The Clouds
3 Her
4 The Factory Of Dreams
5 R.I.P. (Including A Descent Into The Well)
6 Higher And Farther
7 In Quest Of...
8 The Eyes Of Death
9 A Wondrous Sensation
10 Slow Motion
11 Sleepless Dreams (bonus track)

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