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Tornado - Commitment To ExcellenceTornado - Commitment To Excellence

Band: Tornado
Album: Commitment To Excellence
Year: 2018
Country: Finland
Format: CD
Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Extreme Metal Music


1. A Minute of Nothing 01:01
2. White Horse of the Apocalypse 04:37
3. Global Pandemic 03:39
4. Spirit and Opportunity 05:05
5. The Flight of Yuri Gagarin 05:20
6. Endless Forms of Torment 03:51
7. Through Difficulties to Victory 02:52
8. Supremacy 04:01
9. Chaos Among the Ruins 03:40
10. United Forces (S.O.D. Cover) 01:52
11. At the Chapel of Rest 06:55

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500 р.
500 р.
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