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The Giallos Flame - The Giallos FlameGiallos Flame, The - The Giallos Flame

Band: The Giallos Flame
Album: The Giallos Flame
Year: 2005
Country: United States
Format: CD
Genre: Prog Rock
Label: Red Stream


1 The Getaway 2:49
2 Jazz Killer 2:23
3 Crime Squad 2:04
4 7th Sign 2:19
5 Stalking 2:39
6 Remember When 2:40
7 The Chinese Dragon 1:34
8 Profondo Giallo 2:24
9 Book Of Eibon 2:06
10 Analog Sequence 2:44
11 Nosferatu 5:15
12 The Chase (Live) 5:24
13 Trons Lament 2:16
14 Stalk And Slash 2:50
15 Cannibal (Main Theme) 3:19

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