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Plasma - Ethical WastePlasma - Ethical Waste

Band: Plasma
Album: Ethical Waste
Year: 2019
Country: Germany
Format: CD
Genre: Goregrind
Label: Rotten Roll Rex


1. Pitchgrinder 02:01
2. Feasting on Freshly Fermented Female Genital 01:20
3. Lethal Semen Injection 01:11
4. Pusfilled Vaginalcanal 02:27
5. Chewing on Purulent Sordes of Vaginal Iissue 02:02
6. Gushing over Fresh Amputated Teats 01:32
7. Embedded on Putrid Chunks from a Decapitated Whore 01:28
8. Slime Stained Gore Miscarriage 01:21
9. Intercourse with a Deboned Corpse 02:11
10. Pus and Blood Was All She Got 01:37
11. Abusing a Slimefilled Rotten Body 02:49
12. Dick Flapped, Head Cracked 01:04
13. Lustfull Grinding Sorefretted Dicks 01:36
14. Abnormal Cervix Extirpation 02:03
15. Choking on Purulent Spunk 01:01
16. Sailing the Seas of Menstrual Perversitys 03:02
17. Gagging on Dislocated Labium 02:25
18. Snotlubed Pussy Penetrator 02:50
19. Boltgunned to Massextinction 01:19
20. Purulent Thyroid Consumption 02:17
21. Exposed Penile Muscle 01:24
22. Not Dead Yet 01:07
23. Pulsating Blood Bladder 01:03
24. Transmorphed Hemipenis 03:19

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