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Intestinal Disgorge - Everlasting Fractal NightmareIntestinal Disgorge - Everlasting Fractal Nightmare

Band: Intestinal Disgorge
Album: Everlasting Fractal Nightmare
Year: 2018
Country: United States
Format: CD
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Meat 5000 Records


1. Dreaming in the Bowels of Death 01:25
2. Portals to Fungal Worlds 01:54
3. Flickering Voidscapes 01:12
4. Flesh Rending Horrors 00:51
5. Feedback Fields and Static Seas 01:05
6. Towers of Jaundiced Flesh 01:18
7. Praise the Deep Ones 01:29
8. Hallucinatory Abominations 01:09
9. Thrones of Insect-Infested Flesh 01:21
10. Shambling Cyclopean Terrors 01:16
11. Buried Beneath Mountains of Corpses 01:04
12. The Mercy of Blissful Psychosis 01:13
13. Where They Breed 01:10
14. Shrines to the Old Ones 01:09
15. No Amount of Blood Will Sate Them 01:05
16. Calling Down the Interstellar Shadows 01:11
17. Black Heavens Pierced by Rotting Spires 01:25
18. Negator of Life 00:54
19. Blood for Our Gods 00:58
20. Frenzied Febrile Hallucinations 00:45
21. In the Embrace of Madness 00:54
22. Whispers from Outer Voids 01:31
23. Swarms of Otherworldly Parasites 01:25
24. Engorged with Rancid Flesh 00:50
25. Where Eyes Would Have Been 00:52
26. Our Lord Returns 01:13
27. Nostrils Dripping with Liquefied Brains 01:17
28. Smoldering Beneath the Seas 03:25

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