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Spasm - Paraphilic ElegiesSpasm - Paraphilic Elegies

Band: Spasm
Album: Paraphilic Elegies
Year: 2008
Country: Czech Republic
Format: CD
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Rotten Roll Rex


1. Innocent Foetal Atomizer 01:10
2. Paedophilic Kindergarten Party 01:25
3. Submissive Corrosive Thermopiss 01:37
4. Menses Businessman 01:43
5. Beautiful Human Toilet 01:42
6. Outdoor Snuff Derby 01:13
7. Anal Carnival 01:09
8. Shy Lesbians' Defecation 00:56
9. Perpetual Sperm Injections (Gut cover) 01:05
10. Batiqued by Diarrhoea 00:57
11. Horny Rectal Alchymist 01:29
12. Multicolour Shit Eater 01:17
13. Miss Piss Junior 01:41
14. Disturbing Tampon Fetish 01:28
15. Sperm Pool Championship 01:41
16. Fatal Menstrual Defect 01:38
17. Phormaldehyde Clit Licking 01:07
18. Asian-Teens Squirting Laboratory 01:00
19. Interdental Hairiness in Blossom 01:27
20. Penis Tuning 02:00
21. Loves Me Not (T.A.T.U. cover) 02:22

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