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Depression - Ara Der FinfernisDepression - Ara Der Finfernis

Band: Depression
Album: Ara Der Finfernis
Year: 2020
Country: Germany
Format: CD
Genre: Death Grind
Label: Rotten Roll Rex


1 Der Aufbruch
2 Uttermost Belief
3 Knochenfäule
4 Created Reality
5 A Haunted Soul
6 Twisted
7 Of Grief And Pleasure
8 No Excuses
9 Grin
10 Changes
11 The Ballad Of Typhoid Mary
12 Come On Over
13 Spastik & Gesang
14 Tormentor
15 Der Weinende Tod
16 Seelenseuche & Geweidepest
17 Concept Of Time
18 Imbecile
19 Alone
20 Existing Through Thoughts
21 Master
22 Coma
23 Master - Madness - Overdose
24 Depression II
25 Ära Der Finsternis
26 Era Of Darkness

Bonus: "Ein Hauch Von Moder Pt.2" Reanimated
27 Blood On God´s Hands
28 Short Song
29 The Babarian
30 Eroded Epitaph

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