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Voin Grim - Bewitching Whirlwinds of the Frozen RealmsVoin Grim - Bewitching Whirlwinds of the Frozen Realms

Band: Voin Grim
Album: Bewitching Whirlwinds of the Frozen Realms
Year: 2020
Country: Ukraine
Format: CD, digipak
Genre: Black Metal
Label: Werewolf Promotion


1. Intro (Entering the Wraithy Gates) 03:08
2. Bewitching Winds of Transylvania 07:37
3. Alt lys er svunnet hen / Hunnerkongens sorgsvarte ferd over steppene 07:46
4. Hoarfrost Under a Starry path 05:11
5. Entering the Gates of Dark Ages 10:19
6. Sacraments of the Frozen Realms 08:49
7. Desolate Paths of a Night Wanderer (Outro) 04:37

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