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Agnostic Front - Get LoudAgnostic Front - Get Loud

Band: Agnostic Front
Album: Get Loud
Year: 2019
Country: United States
Format: CD
Genre: Hardcore
Label: Soyuz Music


1 Spray painted walls 2:45
2 Anti-social 1:06
3 Get loud! 2:22
4 Conquer and divide 2:18
5 I remember 3:11
6 Dead silence 2:23
7 Af stomp 1:29
8 Urban decay 1:57
9 Snitches get stiches 1:47
10 Isolated 1:51
11 In my blood 2:32
12 Attention 1:49
13 Pull the trigger 2:00
14 Devastated

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