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Drakkar - When Lightning StrikesDrakkar - When Lightning Strikes

Band: Drakkar
Album: When Lightning Strikes
Year: 2012
Country: Italy
Format: CD
Genre: Power Metal
Label: My Kingdom Music


1 Hyperspace - The Arrival 1:26
2 Day Of The Gods 2:16
3 The Armageddon Machine 6:16
4 In The Belly Of The Beast 0:34
5 Revenge Is Done 5:19
6 When Lightning Strikes 4:19
7 Winter Soldiers 5:31
8 Salvation 4:04
9 At The Flaming Shores Of Heaven 6:01
10 We Ride 5:59
11 The Awakening 1:36
12 My Endless Flight 5:40
13 Aftermath - The Departure 1:23
14 Engage! 0:25
15 New Frontier 4:01

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