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Rhapsody of Fire - Dark Wings of Steel (2LP red)

Band: Rhapsody of Fire
Album: Dark Wings of Steel
Year: 2013
Country: Italy
Format: 2LP red
Genre: Power Metal
Label: AFM


LP 1 Side A:
1 Vis Divina 1:28
2 Rising From Tragic Flames 6:16
3 Angel Of Light 7:05

LP 1 Side B:
1 Tears Of Pain 6:27
2 Fly To Crystal Skies 5:13
3 My Sacrifice 8:05

LP 2 Side A:
1 Silver Lake Of Tears 5:00
2 Custode Di Pace 5:07
3 A Tale Of Magic 4:18

LP 2 Side B:
1 Dark Wings Of Steel 5:51
2 Sad Mystic Moon 4:37
3 A Candle To Light (Extended Version) (bonus) 6:56

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