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Various Artists - Putrid Tunes CompilationVarious Artists - Putrid Tunes Compilation

Band: Various Artists
Album: Putrid Tunes Compilation
Year: 2008
Country: Russia
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal / Grind
Label: SFC


01. Sufferatory - Defective Mentality
02. Necro Decayed - Amputation By The Saw
03. Promiscuity - Odious Venality
04. Dormant Carnivore - Stillborn Ptomaine Extraction
05. Cephalic Impurity - Absolute Neurectomy
06. Epicrise - Mexican Gulf
07. Goreanus - Amputation Of Uterus By Means Of Plunger
08. Brain Go Numb To Oneuroid - Bulldozer, Pigs And Cocaine (Still-Life 302.4)
09. Katalepsy - Consuming The Abyss (Version)
10. Septicopyemia - Vomiting Swamp
11. Purulent Jacuzzi - Congratulation! AIDS Has Been Successfully Installed Into Your Body
12. Seborrhea - Get Acquainted - The Opposite Sex
13. Infectious Catheter Therapy - Masturbation Of The Rotten Genitals
14. Ebanath - Puritanic Spermatorhoea
15. Coprobaptized Cunthunter - The Faces Are Rubbing Against The Emery
16. VX - LSDeppelin
17. Cerebral Oedema - As I Kiss Her Slitted Arteries
18. Sickcunt - Bordetella Bronchiseptica, Pasteurella Multocida Type D
19. Datura - Stench And Madness
20. Posthumous Blasphemer - Predominant Madness
21. Repulsive Dissection - Necessary Bloodshield
22. X-RATED 6ex6ex6ex - Fatal Attraction
23. Big Water - In The Epicentre
24. Vector - Day
25. Human Device - KILLometers Of Pain (Nerves)
26. Defect Designer - Stillborn
27. One More Victim - My Opinion To Your Fear
28. Out Of Yesteryear - A Human Leftover
29. Noizzzbreed - The Cryogenic Syndrome
30. Spasmogorge - Cannibal Feast

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