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Lord Fuck-Exguisite Gutteral

Исполнитель: Lord Fuck
Альбом: Exguisite Gutteral
Год выхода: 2009
Страна: USA
Тип: CD
Жанр: goregrind
Лейбл: Coyote rec.


1. Of Fuck
2. Rotting Blood Served Over Mannocotti
3. Once Upon The Cross (Deicide Cover)
4. Infant Daycare Car Bombing
5. God Is Nowhere
6. Self Slaughter 1
7. Mutilation Rape
8. I Probably Fucked Your Mother Nine Months Before You Were Born
9. King Metal
10. Religious Parasitic Prayer Of Sodom
11. Shit
12. String Theory Blaspgemy
13. Rape The Unwilling Masses In There Asses
14. Porno Addiction Part 1
15. Eternal Engagement
16. Porno Addiction Part 2
17. Porno Addiction Part 3
18. Porno Addiction Part 4
19. Porno Addiction Part 5
20. Porno Addiction Part 6
21. Porno Addiction Part 7
22. Porno Addiction Part 8
23. Porno Addiction Part 9
24. Porno Addiction Part 10
25. Anarchy All Outside
26. Calamity Of Existance
27. The Reverence Of Hatemode
28. Your Life Is Shit And You Will Suffer

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