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Ebanath-Amoral Glamour

Исполнитель: Ebanath
Альбом: Amoral Glamour
Год выхода: 2009
Страна: Russia
Тип: CD
Жанр: porno grind
Лейбл: coyote


1. Grind On
2. Tme For Lickantropy
3. Taking With A Clit
4. Vaginal Marauders
5. Fester Detonation
6. Homophobic Erection
7. Tits Streched Till Cunt's Eyebrowes
8. Goreherd
9. Six Lips, One Clit
10. Fag
11. Body-Boy
12. Skiteaters
13. Copro De negro
14. Where They Fuck
15. Da Bitches' Barricade
16. Who Believe
17. When Girls Lick A Pussy On Command
18. Maniacal Allegory
19. Abra-K-Dabra (creamix)
20. Cuntpicker
21. Little Playful Vagina
22. Grind Off

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