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Aborted - The Archaic AbbattoirAborted - The Archaic Abbattoir

Band: Aborted
Album: The Archaic Abbattoir
Year: 2005
Country: Belgium
Format: CD
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Label: CD-Maximum


1. Dead Wreckoning 03:43
2. Blood Fixing the Bled 03:06
3. Gestated Rabidity 04:06
4. Hecatomb 02:52
5. The Gangrenous Epitaph 03:27
6. The Inertia 03:37
7. A Cold Logistic Slaughter 02:15
8. Threading on Vermillion Deception 05:16
9. Voracious Haemoglobinic Syndrome 04:16
10. Descend to Extirpation 04:06

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350 р.
350 р.
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